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Can Acne be Treated Through Homeopathy?

What Causes Acne?

Acne is a common, chronic inflammatory disease of the glands resulting in skin lesions that lead to scarring. It is the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide and affects at any one time just under ten percent of the global population. Acne vulgaris, by far the most common form, has been on the rise. Although it is most common in post pubescent teenagers, adults, particularly those undergoing hormonal changes, often suffer from the disease as well. Since acne ordinarily appears on a person’s face, it often has psychological effects that adversely affect one’s life. It is far more than a cosmetic nuisance; it often leads to anxiety, depression and extremely low self esteem.

Acne has proven to be resistant to treatment by conventional medicine. Despite its prevalence worldwide, innovation in acne treatment by conventional medicine has remained limited over the past two decades. By contrast, homeopathic medicine has been highly successful in treating the disease. It provides a long term cure by getting to the root causes and the triggers which lead to the outbreak. A homeopath will select an individualized remedy and treatment protocol for each patient. Please contact Nancy Martin for a consultation.

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